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The Design of Living Spaces: Architecture as a Tool

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Residence design by Famesteig. Image © Famesteig

The implication here is that design can contribute to forming critical thinking, encouraging autonomy, and responsibility, and helping future citizens. For the most part, the educational system and its spatial expression haven’t changed significantly in the last hundred years. Nonetheless, with access to information becoming ubiquitous, the focus is slowly moving from the accumulation of information to nurturing critical thinking, and new teaching methods open up a new area of architectural experimentation.

Design decisions have implications for the outcome of the residential process. The factors evaluated are light, sound, temperature, air quality, and links to nature, together forming the parameter of physical comfort, ownership, flexibility, and connection, defined together as individualization and complexity, and color described as stimulation. The study found that connection with nature improves mental plasticity, and when children feel ownership for this space, it helps them develop feelings of responsibility. Moreover, the array of factors making up physical comfort has the most significant impact on living.

The Design of the Residential Spaces

As the residential model is shifting towards more diverse living methods, architecture has a significant opportunity to create those living environments conducive to collaboration, problem-solving, and deep understanding. Residential buildings that have a positive impact on living carefully consider functional distribution, incorporate multipurpose spaces and maximize each area’s potential to contribute to living, be it by widening rooms to become extensions within the spaces, using roofs as gardens and playgrounds. Adaptability and spatial flexibility are paramount for contemporary residential buildings, as they need to keep up with societal changes, facilitating the implementation of multiple living approaches along with their lifespan.

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